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Customer Testimonials

As-Salaamu-AlaikumThis was an easy experience for me, someone called to verify my address to assure I received my product and was very pleased with this. In the future, I look forward to ordering other items from Dar-us-Salam Publications because I like to burn oils.
by: eced**@hotmail.com - 6/7/15

I ordered an item 2 days ago and every thing was super smooth. The shipment was fast and on time and the item was better than what I expected . Very happy with the service .
by: shero**@gmail.com - 5/29/15

Excellent source of books and lectures for religious knowledge
by: aleem***@ck-cpas.com - 5/20/15

Every product has gone beyond expectations.. Jazak Allah khiran!
by: j.lem**@yahoo.com - 5/5/15

I love everything about this company. All of the products I have received were of high quality and reliable information. What really made me like Dar-us-Salam is the actual person to person customer service. I made a purchase and had chosen a higher rates shipping cost, I was called and told of a lower priced shipping option.
by: maas***@gmail.com - 4/19/15

The best online Islamic bookstore! Wide variety of Islamic books & literature & in many different languages. A great place for new, practising, & non-Muslims to learn more about the faith. I would highly recommend this website to others!
by: larry**@yahoo.com - 4/12/15

Excellent publisher of Islamic books. All ahadith collections were complete and in both Arabic and English. The books are beautiful, gilded and sturdy. Very satisfied. The delivery was extremely fast and reliable. Thank you.
by: nin**@yahoo.ca - 3/28/15

dar us salaam is one of the bussiness that cater to my literary needs. They are very keen to make sure your order is correct and they expedite quickly.
by: abum**@gmail.com - 3/26/15

This store is great to find authentic high quality Islamic educational materials. It's great to have an American source for DarrusSalaam to save on shipping and buying directly from the company the best and rarer products are in stock
by: Mbh**@yahoo.com - 3/19/15

Mashallah. Dar-us-Salam is a awesome website that offers very interesting literature for Muslims of Islam, as well as children. I think that it is a GREAT website and I intend inshallah to purchase from this website in the future.
by: moze***@gmail.com - 1/8/15

Very good collection of merchandise, great shopping experience
by: haq***@yahoo.com - 1/4/15

Asalamu alaikum. I absolutely love ordering from here!! I usually purchase books for my husband as gifts and he loves it! The only issue I had this past time ordering was at checkout each time I would click continue it wouldn't load to the finish page...I had to do it three times..but In Sha Allah you'll get that resolved.
by: Anonymous Respondent - 1/4/15

My grandson who has converted to Islam asked us to find this book for him Very glad I found your company. The man I spoke to at your Houston store was vary nice and explained how to fill out shipping address to my Grandson. I'm sure we will be doing more business very soon.
by: carol**@yahoo.com - order number: 66208 - 12/22/14

I have shopped in the Houston, TX store while visiting my daughter who lived in Richmond, TX. I enjoy the store and I went on line to order items. I will definitely be ordering again.
by: ummabd**@yahoo.com - order number: 65638 - 12/10/14

Darusalam publications is one of the best Islamic publications in the world, they have a very wide range of Islamic books to choose from in many languages. They have also improved thier printing quality which is very nice. I am happy with their products.
by: thisis.ihsan**@gmail.com - 12/10/14

I really like to shop at Dar-Us-Salam website quite a lot. I like the products (mostly islamic books) they offer. Keep up the good work!
by: simp**@gmail.com - order number: 65189 - 12/1/14

The selection of products was good for my purposes today, but is less than some other sites that I've used in the past. Please carry more children's books and products if you are able, as that is what I primarily shop for. Jazak Allah kher for the products that you do provide, and they are at reasonable prices, and I even got free shipping today, thank you very much! The checkout process was very easy, and I appreciated that as well.
by: Anonymous Respondent - 11/24/14

Such a wide variety of learning and educational tools. I am a revert to Islam and I was in dire need of resources, so I can learn more about Islam and my faith. I am ecstatic and overall very pleased with what I found and I would definitely get all my items from this website. Its the Best! Alhamdulillah
by: enoh**@gmail.com - order number: 64800 - 11/23/14

It is one of the best stores for Islamic books I just love it and they are always updating their books and increasing their stocks. Mashaa Allah. The customer service is super professional and always following up with prompt replies! I am do grateful to Allah for this website. Alhamdulilah!
by: robo**@hotmail.com - order number: 62849 - 10/21/14

I have been a customer of Dar-us- Salam for over 15+ years, and have never had a problem with their product, shipping items. I have called them numerous times to get clarification on certain products before buying. Their customer service is excellent..I highly recommend buying their products
by: gho**@gmail.com - 9/21/14

Alhumdulilah, I have been ordering from this venue for many years my husband and myself love the products, selection and ease of ordering. Keep up the great work, insha Allah.
by: iman**@gmail.com - order number: 61100 - 9/10/14

In May of 2014 I said Shadaha at the Mosque in Hagerstown, Md. I studied comparative religion for over 30 years. Islam was my last enquiry. I found out that I do believe there is no deity but Allah. I am thankful to Allah that he gave me an opportunity to find the truth. Assalamu Alaikum
by: jimtom**@live.com - order number: 61340 - 9/5/14

Received everything in great condition and in a timely manner. Great experience
by: sheed**@yahoo.com - order number: 60845 - 9/4/14

i am an old buyer from darus salam i bought thousand of books from darus salam either online or direct from stores.i love darusalam publishing and quality ,,overall love darus salam stores world wide.
by: madiha**@gmail.com - order number: 61301 - 9/4/14

Excellent collection of Islamic Literature. Smooth transaction and on time delivery with a reasonable cost all muslims could afford. thank you.
by: abbasishoaib@yahoo.com - 9/2/14

Great prices, quick & easy shopping experience. Found what I needed with ease and there were plenty of shipping options to select from. I'm very pleased with my experience.
by: sheed***@yahoo.com - order number: 60845 - 8/27/14

I thank GOD for Dar-us-Salam Publications. Their books help all to understand how to worship GOD alone. Education is very important and their products do that for all (Muslim and Non-Muslim), GOD willing.
by: rmad**@ymail.com - order number: 59680 - 8/7/14

I really refer to purchasing books from this store, it's one of my favorite stores here in the US. Great experience and even with dealings over the phone they are top notch. May Allah reward them all for their good efforts and forgive them their bad, ameen.
by: abdullah**@yahoo.com - order number: 59744 - 8/8/14

Was happy and surprised with the service. Delivery was done in a timely manner and the products were delivered in good condition. Job well done. All my friends now know about Dar-Us-Salam
by: sdm**@gmail.com - order number: 58783 - 8/1/14

I was extremely satisfied with my order. I forgot the time zone difference when I called but they called me back as soon as they open. I messed up the order but it was no problem I was allowed to fix it before they shipped it out to my brother. And the delivery was very fast when my brother wrote me from to tell he received the books I was shook. I will be ordering soon because I forgot to order one. Your customer service I give it A+. Thank You.
by: cam**@msn.com - 7/19/14

Well... I am super excited to receive my Qur'an with English translation. My brother has one and its beautiful! I love how I know that this website and it's products are legit. One of the reasons why I usually don't order stuff online, is because you never know if it's real. Anyway, I'm happy with my order and confident I'll be satisfied Insha'Allah. :)
by: miba**@yahoo.com - order number: 58137 - 7/15/14

i love Dar us Salam and their website . they are fast and efficient with purchases and everything is so easy to find.
by: aisha***@gmail.com - order number: 58033 - 7/15/14

Fantastic online shop only place online for books
by: Brandon**@yahoo.com - order number: 58024 - 7/15/14

Dar-Us-Salam Is one of the top companies that provides services to all the people. They are very nice and their prices are very reasonable. I am very much impressed with their services. I am grateful to them for their greatservices provided to me. Thanks a lot. Jazak Allah Khairun Kaseerah.
by: tazbaji**@yahoo.com - order number: 57599 - 7/9/14

I've been purchasing Islamic books and products since 2011 from Dar-us-salam and it has always been an easy, straight-forward experience. The website's simplicity makes it all the easier to use. I did have a credit card problem once but they were quick to fix the issue, and things were taken care of within a day. I recommend Dar-us-salam to everyone I know!
by: natash**@gmail.com - order number: 57505 - 7/8/14

I did not know that I could get all my Islamic products of needs from this web site. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah for ever. May Allah reward you guys to continue the good work of Allah . Amen Jazak Allah Khayram
by: mas**@yahoo.com - order number: 57085 - 7/2/14

Excellent and prompt customer service
by: Makh**@yahoo.com - order number: 56994 - 7/1/14

Very nice transaction. Timely delivery and in the condition expected. Thank you.
by: jogi**@gmail.com - 7/1/14

The website is fantastic and easy to navigate. The variety of items to select from is great.I did not realize I should have this item (The Sealed Nectar) until I found it on your site.
by: jlw**@yahoo.com order number: 55951 - 6/19/14

While you can get Dar-us-Salam books from other vendors, I've found that the customer service, shipping, and response to emails is by far the best at Dar-us-Salam Publications. I highly recommend them.
by: joshs**@gmail.com - 6/18/14

Salam walikom. As a new muslim, i am glad to have found this online store. I had no problem finding the books i wanted and there were also suggestions to other simular items i should check out before purchasing. When the order was placed, i did not have to wait long to recieve my package and the content was well packed so it was was not damaged at all. I can recommend this to everyone as i feel that my entire experience with Darrusalam was very professional. May Allah be pleased with them!
by: john**@gmail.com - order number: 53622 - 6/14/14

The books that I ordered came in a timely manner and in good order. They had exactly what I was looking for, and the prices were the best I could have sought. It was a pleasure doing business with this retailer.
by: josh**@gmail.com - order number: 53952 - 6/13/14

A great merchant to work with, they have just about everything you need. The staff is very knowledgeable and very courteous.
by: mnk**@msn.com - order number: 53960 - 6/13/14

Walaikum As-Salaam, I am so sorry - when I submitted my order yesterday, I mistakingly selected "Poor" as my satisfaction with the ordering process. I clicked on "Continue" before I realized that the wrong option was selected and I could not correct it in time. Actually, I was extremely happy with the support I received, as I had called and gotten to speak to someone personally on the phone (on a Saturday afternnoon!) before I placed my order. Your website was updated with the book I had a question very soon afterwards. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my questions.

We look forward to ordering more publications from you in the future, insha'Allah! Jazak Allah,

Arshia Quraishi - USA - 3/7/06

Assalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh I am a frequent customer with Darussalam and I must say i'm pleased to see the web-site's new appearance .... it was long overdue and i really am happy that you have worked on it. May Allaah bless all of you and reward you greatly for your efforts in propagating His Deen.

A.M. - USA - 11/11/04

Assalamu Alaikum, I am an old man and spent most of my life here, but this is the very first experience in my life that some “Muslim” replied to my e-mail so quick. My hats are off for you. You are commendable and may Allah give you jazza for this.

Thanks a bunch for this patch, it helped and I was able to see the first screen after installation. Thanks again for your help.

Asim Khan - USA - 10/28/04

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Harun Walker and I am a 16 year old revert to Islam from Melbourne, Australia.

I reverted at the age of 14, Alhamdulillah, and I have found much relief and joy at discovering the true religion that Allah swt has perfected for us, and following the noble life of the Prophet saw and his Companions.

My gateway to this knowledge is from the books of your noble institution, and I thank you most kindly for the hard work and time you have devoted towards this great Islamic publishing house. All your writings are of finest quality, and your translations are lucid and exciting to read.

May the Blessings and Rewards of Allah swt be upon you, as the hard work you have put towards this has strengthened the faith of millions of Muslims across the globe and been the beacon of Da'wah that has shown many non-Muslims the truth of Islam.

Thanking you most kindly,
H.W. from Melbourne, Australia on 9/23/03

As-salamu alaikum. You are doing great! I will recommend you to all of my friends. You have a terrific website and very low prices.

C.K. from Kentwood, MI on 5/11/03

Masha Allah! It is indeed enlightening to know that there are publications such as yours that aims to uplift the Ummah. May Allah Ta'ala Azza wa Jal accept all our efforts in propagating His Deen. Ameen.

Q.Z.P. from South Africa on 4/6/03

A brief note to express my gratitude for an expeditious processing of my order; received via UPS. Kudos to your staff members because they are the most efficient that I have seen anywhere. I am consistently amazed at their professionalism and prompt, courteous service that they render each and every time. Your staff should be commended for extreme dedication to duty; I truly appreciate their hard work, thanks. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your superior services to the Muslim communities all over.
PS. Thanks for the Islamic Diary.

M.A.M from Austin Texas

Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah count us among the successful in this blessed month of Ramadan (Ameen). I was happy when i discovered your web site and when I see that you also give free e-mail address. May Allah accept it for His sake only (Ameen).

M.A.A from Saudi Arabia