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Dar-us-Salam.com Wish List

You can use Dar-us-Salam Wish List to save products for future or you can send the selections to someone else for purchase. You can email the list to yourself and/or to your family and friends from the 'View Wish List' page. The list will be saved 120 days (4 Months).

To start, we recommend you to Create an Account or Login to an Existing Account before shopping. Then you can start adding products by clicking the 'Save to Wish List' button on the product page. Or you can add all the products to your shopping basket as normal and when you are done save the whole basket to the Wish List from the Basket Page. The quantity of items will not be saved to the Wish List.

*Wish List Recipients

The Wish List number is saved as the first initial + last initial + phone number (no hyphens or parenthesis). For example: WW5615551212 could be a Wish List number. If you forgot the Wish List ID or didn't write it down, you should be able to figure it out.