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Friday August 9, 2013 - 2 Shawwal, 1434

Dear {{{name}}},
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

EID MUBARAK to you and your family from all of us at Dar-us-Salam. We pray that Allah accepts all of our good deeds and write us among the people of paradise. May Allah make this a blessed occasion for all Muslims around the world and bring peace and happiness to the unfortunate. Ameen!

Alhamdulillah we have several new books from IIPH and new Premium Black Seed Herbs & Honey from Amazing Herbs.

Narrated Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him): I heard Allah's Apostle saying: "There is healing in Black Cumin Seed for all diseases except death."(Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592)

Eid Mubarak! New & Featured + Sale Items

New Item! Forty Hadiths on Poisonous Social Habits 
- أربعون حديثا في العادات الإجتماعية المسمومة 
By: Yahya M. A. Ondigo 
Pages: 384 - Binding: Hardback 
RP29) Price: $16.95 Add to Cart 

In this unique collection of Forty Hadiths on Poisonous Social Habits , Yahya Ondigo emulates the tradition of Imam an-Nawawi and other great scholars. He has compiled hadiths (records of the guidance) of the Messenger of Allah (peace and b Read more...
New Item! The Fiqh of Worship: A Commentary on Ibn Qudamah's 'Umdat al-Fiqh 
- فقه العبادات - شرح عمدة الفقه 
By: Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi 
Pages: 429 - Binding: Paperback 
RP30) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

The Fiqh of Worship is a translation of and commentary on Ibn Qudamah's highly esteemed ‘Umdat al-Fiqh , an abridged book of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) according to the Hanbali school. Dr. Hatem al-Haj has translated and elaborated Read more...
New Item! A Taste of Patience 
- مذاق الصبر 
By: Mohamed Eid Al-Araimi 
Pages: 141 - Binding: Hardback 
RP31) Price: $11.95 Add to Cart 

The writer is a survivor of an accident that altered his life. He is a man who managed to overcome adversity and transform bitterness into personal success, as his literary gains outweighed his physical restrictions. Where his physical condition limRead more...
New Item! Having Fun the Halal Way: Entertainment in Islam 
- اللهو المباح في الإسلام 
By: Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar 
Pages: 109 - Binding: Paperback 
RP32) Price: $5.95 Add to Cart 

With the advent of technology, the entertainment industry has flourished and become immensely popular. Combine this with the exponential advances in technology, and the result is an increasing number of ways to amuse ourselves. As a result of such aRead more...
New Item! Problems Muslim Face in Today's World 
- مشكلات يواجهها المسلمون في عالم اليوم 
By: Isa M. Tofte 
Pages: 239 - Binding: Hardback 
RP33) Price: $13.95 Add to Cart 

Muslims today, especially - but not exclusively - those living in the West, are faced with a variety of problems. There are the internal struggles of living an Islamic lifestyle in a world dominated by Western culture, the conflicts between parents Read more...
New Item! Psychology from the Islamic Perspective 
- علم النفس من المنظور الإسلامي 
By: Aisha Utz 
Pages: 351 - Binding: Hardback 
RP34) Price: $16.95 Add to Cart 

Psychology is one of the most intriguing scientific disciplines humans are inherently curious about their own nature. Ironically, there are a multitude of theories and explanations that mislead and confuse the very same creatures that they are meant Read more...
New Item! The Path to Self-Fulfillment 
- الطريق الى الرضا عن الذات 
By: Sakina Hirschfelder 
Pages: 191 - Binding: Hardback 
RP35) Price: $12.95 Add to Cart 

The Path to Self-Fulfilment seeks to uplift your inner soul and give you the necessary means to live a fulfillirfk life based upon both the love of Allah and the love and acceptance of the self. Happiness is crucial to being able to love Allah. H Read more...
New Item! Which Way to Paradise? 
- أي الطريق الى الجنة ؟ 
By: K. Sherman 
Pages: 256 - Binding: Hardback 
RP36) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

Which Way- to Paradise? seeks to elucidate Islamic principles and injunctions and elaborate on the very spirit of Islam, while at the same time exposing and refuting common misconceptions about the religion. In an engaging question and answer format Read more...
New Item! I Became a Muslim 
- أصبحت مسلمة 
By: Aysha Parry 
Pages: 125 - Binding: Paperback 
RP37) Price: $5.95 Add to Cart 

The first question usually posed to a new Muslim convert - especially a woman - is: Why? Why would you leave the religion of your family to embrace Islam? I Became a Muslim was written to answer this question. Beginning with her early childhood mRead more...
New Item! Black Seed Oil (4oz Bottle) 

F110) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart 

Amazing Herbs Premium 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil is a rich source of EFA's and offers many nutritional benefits for good health. 100% Pure, Black Seed Oil (Also known as Black Cumin Oil) Cold Pressed & Solvent F Read more...
New Item! Black Seed Oil (90 Soft-Gel Capsules) 

F111) Price: $21.95 Add to Cart 

90 Softgels - 100% Pure Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) Oil capsules are a rich source of unsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA's) and offer many nutritional benefits for good health. The softgel capsules provide a convenient way to take a consistentRead more...
New Item! Black Seed Whole Herb (16oz Jar) 

F113) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

Black Seed Whole Herb - Packed in 16oz black plastic container. Ideal for cooking, adds flavor and color to potatoes, salads, yogurt, etc. Tastes great lightly toasted. Ingredients: 100% Pure, non-iradiated, untreated, and unwashed Black (Cum Read more...
New Item! Black Seed Ground Herb (16oz Jar) 

F115) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

Black Seed Ground Herb - Packed in 16oz black plastic container. Adds a bit of peppery zest to foods. Use instead of black pepper. Sprinkle on foods like soups, salads, meats, vegetables or pasta. Ingredients: 100% Pure, non-iradiated, untreateRead more...
New Item! HoneyZest Soothing Honey (16oz Bottle) 

F117) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

16oz (1-lb) HoneyZest Soothing Honey blend made with Black Seed and select herbs, to help you relax and put your worries to rest. Great for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Black Seed and maintain well-being without taking capsules or oil. Read more...
New Item! HoneyZest Energizing Honey (16oz Bottle) 

F118) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

16oz (1lb) HoneyZest Energizing blend of honey and herbs that offers a natural boost of energy that's great for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Black Seed without taking capsules or oil. This rich tasting honey can be added to tea, smoothiRead more...
New Item! HoneyZest Immune Boost Honey (16oz Bottle) 

F119) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

16oz (1lb) HoneyZest Immune Boost Honey Blend. An invigorating Immune System tonic made with a sensational blend of honey and herbs. Great for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Black Seed and maintain optimum health without taking capsules o Read more...
The Islamic Library (7 Books) 
- Binding: Hardback 
009) Price: $105.00
On Sale: $95.00 Add to Cart 

THE ISLAMIC LIBRARY: A complete package of Islamic books essential for every home library. All seven books are enclosed in a beautiful plastic zipper case. Islamic Library includes the following books: O1) THE NOBLE QUR'AN Su Read more...
Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari (Large Size) 

By: Imam Bukhari 
Pages: 1096 - Binding: Hardback 
H02a) Price: $31.95
On Sale: $27.95 Add to Cart 

Sahih Al-Bukhari covers almost all aspects of life in providing proper guidance from the messenger of Allah. Translated into English in a very easy & simple language, so that all readers can understand it without difficulty. This summarizedRead more...
When the Moon Split (HB) 

By: Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri 
Pages: 320 - Binding: Hardback 
069a) Price: $13.95
On Sale: $11.95 Add to Cart 

When the Moon Split - A Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The biography of the Prophet is a very noble and exalted subject by which Muslims learn about the rise of Islam, and how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen by Allah to receive the divin Read more...
Ali bin Abi Talib (R) The Fourth Caliph of Islam 

By: Abdul Basit Ahmad 
Pages: 48 - Binding: Paperback 
135) Price: $4.50
On Sale: $2.95 Add to Cart 

'Ali bin Abi Talib (R) was one of the early people who believed in the religion of Islam while still a boy. He lived in the Prophet's house and imitated him in all he did, led a humble life till the last moment of his life. The Prophet loved him ver Read more...
What is Islam? 

By: Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Pages: 95 - Binding: Paperback 
150) Price: $5.95
On Sale: $4.50 Add to Cart 

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful "And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone). I seek not any provision from them (i.e. provision for themselves or for My creatures) nor d Read more...
History of Madinah Munawwarah 

By: Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri 
Pages: 152 - Binding: Paperback 
166) Price: $9.95
On Sale: $7.95 Add to Cart 

From the back cover: In this book, mention has been made about the different aspects of Al-Madinah, and the most important historical events are recorded that have direct effect on the establishment and sacredness of Al-Madinah as well as its re Read more...
Miracles of the Messenger (S) 

By: Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Pages: 239 - Binding: Hardback 
179) Price: $12.95
On Sale: $9.95 Add to Cart 

Although the main Miracle given to our Prophet (S) was the Noble Qur'Gn, Allah supported him with many other Miracles also. Out of these many Miracles, a few of them are presented in this book to enlighten our youth about those Miracles. Click here Read more...
Imam Aboo Dawood Sijistani 

By: Salahuddin Ali Abdul Mawjood 
Pages: 295 - Binding: Hardback 
208) Price: $12.95
On Sale: $9.95 Add to Cart 

The Biography of Imam Aboo Dawood Sijistani  [Died 275 A.H.] The Compiler of Sunan Abu Dawood One of the blessings of Allah upon this Ummah is that He appointed for it people who would undertake to preserve the Sunnah of their Prophet (S) Read more...
Biography of the Prophet (S) (2 Vol. Set) 

By: Shaikh Abdullah 
Pages: 992 - Binding: Hardback 
212) Price: $35.95
On Sale: $31.95 Add to Cart 

This biography of the Prophet is distinguished as it is written by Shaikh Abdullah the son of the great Al-Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab. The biography is in chronological order describing all the events of the life of the Prophet (S) from his Read more...
Learning Arabic Language of the Quran 

By: Izzath Uroosa 
Pages: 483 - Binding: Hardback 
246) Price: $23.95
On Sale: $19.95 Add to Cart 

The message of the Qur'an is addressed to all creation, conveyed in the Arabic language. Allah Almighty says: "We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an so that you may understand." (12:2) Acquiring command over the Arabic language can be r Read more...
Caliphate of Banu Umayyah 
- From Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah 
By: Hafiz Ibn Katheer 
Pages: 669 - Binding: Hardback 
266) Price: $29.95
On Sale: $24.95 Add to Cart 

Darussalam is proud to present the abridged English translation of the classic work: Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah , which covers the Caliphate of Bani Umayyah. It starts from the rule of Mu'awiyah bin Abi Sufyan in the 41st year of Hijrah upto the rule oRead more...
Arabic: Qassas-ul-Ambiya 
- قصص الأنبياء 
By: Hafiz Ibn Katheer 
Pages: 487 - Binding: Hardback 
A39) Price: $18.95 Add to Cart 

قصص الأنبياء Story of the Prophets
My Prayer Book 

By: Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Pages: 48 - Binding: Paperback 
C20) Price: $3.95 Add to Cart 

A step by step guide to perfecting your child's obligatory prayers according to the Quran and the Sunnah. Click to read the Review of My Wudu Book, My Du'a Book and My Prayer Book by Al-Jumuah MagazineRead more...
Etiquette of Eating and Drinking 

By: Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Pages: 32 - Binding: Paperback 
C30) Price: $2.95 Add to Cart 

Publishers Note In the series of our books for the Muslim children, we are trying to present all the important aspects of Islam in a very easy way, so that children may, learn them without any difficulty. The present book is on the manners of eati Read more...
Islamic Education Grade 6 

By: Maulvi Abdul Aziz 
Pages: 241 - Binding: Hardback 
C61f) Price: $23.95 Add to Cart 

Given the dire need for Islamic studies material in schools incorporating the subject in English, Darussalam has endeavored to publish an Islamic Studies series covering all the grades, from grade one through grade twelve. This Grade 6 textbook Read more...
Magnetic Arabic Letters and Numbers (Fridge) 
- Binding: Foam 
CR16) Price: $7.95 Add to Cart 

Play and learn with these magnetic alphabet letters covered with soft foam material. These colourful magnetic alphabets and numbers help children learn to spell and practice simple math. Numbers and letters are printed on soft, durable and Read more...
Arabic Alphabet Foam Puzzle Mats 
- Available in Large, Medium & Small sizes 
CR18) Price: $9.95 Add to Cart 

Grab your kids' attention with these colorful alphabet mats. Interlocking pieces connect side by side or interlock in 3-D format. They are made of a 1/3 inch, foam-like materials. Children spell words or use their imagination to create houses, Read more...
Mosques of the World Calendar 2014 
- Collectors Edition with Gregorian & Hijrah Dates 
G50) Price: $10.95 Add to Cart 

Beautiful Mosque of the World calendar features 8 Mosques from around the world. Includes a Bonus Quran Recitation Mp3 CD by Ahmad Al-Ajmy. This year calendar features: An Islamic Calendar collection of beautiful paintings of Mosques Read more...
Finger Counter 
- خاتم التسبيح 
G59d) Price: $5.95 Add to Cart 

This finger counter uses the high tech technology, the core use intelligence microprocessor, has thedormancy function,so compares with the traditional counter"it has the power loss to be low, the work is stabler and weight is light, so it is ve Read more...
Bayan-ul-Qur'an - English Tafsir (3 Mp3 CDs) 

MC85) Price: $19.95 Add to Cart 

This is a 3 CD set in MP3 format easy to play on any windows media player and MP3 supported CD players. This is "tafseer" of the whole Quran in English. The speaker is Dr. Israr Ahmed, the founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami. He graduated from King Edwa Read more...
Mohammad Ayoub (Mp3 CD) 

MP19) Price: $6.95 Add to Cart 
Mushaf Uthmani (2 Color Text) - Standard Size 

Pages: 609 - Binding: Hardback 
Q55b) Price: $13.95 Add to Cart 

Large standard size Mushaf Uthmani/Usmani Quran with 15 lines per page and 2 color text. Each mention of Allah's name is in red color. Read more...
Tajweed Quran - Extra Large HB 

Pages: 669 - Binding: Hardback 
QT04) Price: $69.95 Add to Cart 

This is a extra large size deluxe, hardbound Tajweed Qur'an (al-mushaf al-tajweed). The size of the Qur'an is 10x14" and is also called 'Mosque size'. It features distinct colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct you Read more...
Tajweed Quran - Zippercase Standard Size 

Pages: 604 - Binding: Leather Zipper Case 
QT10) Price: $21.95 Add to Cart 

This is a large zipper case Tajweed Qur'an (al-mushaf al-tajweed), imported from the Middle East. It features distinct colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct your tajweed recitation of the Holy Qur'an. The Arabic li Read more...
Tajweed Quran Part 30 with English & Transliteration 
- Binding:Paperback 
QT30) Price: $5.95 Add to Cart 

Tajweed Qur'an Part 30 (Juz Amma') with English meanings & Transliteration in Roman script. English Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Transliteration by Subhi Taha. English translation is written around the border of the Arabic text on the Read more...
The Marriage Series (4 Books) 

By: Muhammad al-Jibaly - Binding:Paperback 
RK01) Price: $47.95
On Sale: $44.95 Add to Cart 

This is a 4-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Marriage plays a most central role in the human life, and has been largely discussed by the scholars of Islaam through the ages, resulting in numerou Read more...
Urdu: Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Kalam (Medium) 

By: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan 
Pages: 1150 - Binding: Paperback 
U74) Price: $15.95 Add to Cart 

Tafsir Ahsanul Kalam is a summarized version of the Noble Quran with tafsir from Sahih Bukhari, Tafsir Ibn Kathir & Tafsir Qurtabi. Quran with Arabic in bold Persian script with Urdu translation under each line. Includes Tafsir on the bottom of th Read more...
Leather Socks by Azad (Khuffain) 

WM04) Price: $12.95 Add to Cart 

Good quality leather socks (Khuffain) made from a soft black leather. These are soft leather socks that can be used for Islamic Prayers, dawah journeys or just to keep your feet warm in the winter. Extremely rugged with quality side zippers and bu Read more...

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