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Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 21 Ramadan, 1433

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

We hope that you receive this email in the best of health and Iman.
Alhamdulillah we are now in the last 10 days of blessed month of Ramadan. We need to step up our worship: praying, reading Quran, doing dua', paying zakat & sadaqa. We should especially try our best to stay up and worship more in the last 5 odd nights as one of them will be lailatul Qadr - the night of power worth more than a thousand months of worship.

Please pray that Allah have mercy on this Ummah and guide all to the straight path. May Allah help the Muslims in Syria, Palestine, Burma, Pakistan and through out the world from the oppressive rulers. Also keep all of us here at Dar-us-Salam in your prayers that Allah protects us, gives barakah in our work and accept our service for His sake. Ameen.

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Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (3 Vols) 

H21) Price: $71.95  Add to Cart  More Information

Darussalam is proud to present the first 3 volumes of Musnad Imam Ahmad in Arabic with side by side English translation and comments regarding authenticity. The complete set covering the 27,000 hadith will be in 18 volumes once it is printed Insha-Allah. More volumes will be available here once they are available.

One of the greatest compilations of the sunnah and books of hadith is the Musnad by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, which is organized into compilations of the hadiths narrated by each Companion (Sahabi), starting with the 'asharah mubashsharah ("the ten who were promised Paradise"). This highlights their status and the efforts they made to preserve the ahadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (S).

By: Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal
Translator: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab
Pages: 1841 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)

Golden Stories of Umar Ibn al-Khattaab (R) 
- قصص ذهبية من حياة عمر الفاروق رضي الله عنه 
287) Price: $31.95  Add to Cart  More Information

This book highlights the interesting and valuable stories of Umar bin al-Khattab's life. In this book the author deliberately left the stories without a sequence, so that each story is read by itself with ease. This is intended to be a unique approach in presentation and reading of Islamic books. This book is printed in full color with attractive images and background colors.

This book describes the fact that 'Omar Al-Farouq was exceptional in his Faith, distinguished in his knowledge, profoudly wise in his thinking, remarkable in his eloquence, noble in his manners and great in the contributions he made to this Nation.

By: Abdul Malik Mujahid
Pages: 399 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x10x1" (17x24x2.5 cm) 
Format: Full Color

Noble Quran Word-for-Word (Full Color Ed. - Vol #1) 
- تعلم معاني كلمات القرآن الكريم حرفاً حرفاً - الجزء الأول 
Q06) Price: $39.95 Add to Cart  More Information

The first colored Word-for-Word English translation to understand the meanings of the Arabic verses along with grammatical terms. Each word is differently colored along with it's meaning in the same color to facilitate learning each word while comprehending a block of words. Study the Noble Quran Word for Word (complete in 3 volumes) Compiled By: Dar-us-Salam. Translation by: Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

To understand the Quran it is necessary that one should know the translation of every word of the verse. Therefore, to convey to the people, the more accurate meaning of the Qur'anic verses, the word-for-word translation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an is produced. Since mere word-for-word translation itself does not lead to the complete understanding, the idiomatic translation is also produced on the same page to facilitate for the complete awareness.

Pages: 578 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x9.5x1.2" (17x24x3 cm) 
Format: Full Color

Glorious Sermons from Imam Haram Sheikh As-Sudais 
- كوكبة الخطب المنيفة من منبر الكعبة الشريفة 
291) Price: $21.95  Add to Cart  More Information

His Eminence Dr. Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Aziz As-Sudais is one of those fortunate and renowned personalities who holds a high and outstanding position in the Muslim world.

This book is the first collection of his Jumu'ah sermons which he delivered in Haram Makkah after doing intensive preparation for each Khutba, thus making each Khutba unique and outstanding. It is produced in a beautiful and meaningful format for readers who are keen to study it. This collection contains sermons spanning a quarter of a century.

These sermons were delivered mainly from the pulpit of the Holy Mosque of Makkah.

By: Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais
Translator: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab
Pages: 359 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x8.5x0.8" (14.5x21.5x2 cm) 
Format: Full Color

What is the Holy Qur'an & How to Recite? 
- as it was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad (S) 
289) Price: $17.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

This book guides readers to pronunciate the Arabic alphabet from their correct point of articulations. It also guides them to recite the Holy Qur'an according to the laws and principles of the art of recitation and intonation.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir - Part 30 (HB) 

Q09k) Price: $15.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

The 30th part of Tafsir Ibn Kathir is brief in form but comprehensive in interpretation. The meanings of the Qur'an have been interpreted by the Qur'an itself or by the traditions of the Prophet(S) and are enlightened with the thoughts and perception of the Salaf Saliheen; this is the cause that this renowned commentary is famous and favorite towards understanding the Noble Qur'an.

Majmuah Zahabiyah (10 Book Set) 
- المجموعة الذهبية 
E05) Price: $79.00
On Sale: $59.00 
Add to Cart  More Information

These beautiful 10 Arabic books are great for children and adults. They cover a wide range of interesting topics including Quran/Tafseer, Tajweed, Hadith study, supplications, how to pray, stories of Prophets and even learning the Arabic alphabets.

Hand Held Bidet (Muslim Shower) 

G93) Price: $39.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

This chrome shower kit is easy to install in your existing flush tank source with no expensive professional plumbing support. The kit includes a connector with an integrated flow control valve, a nylon reinforced hose with a trigger operated spray, a wall bracket to hang up sprayer after use.

Umar bin Abd Al-Aziz (R)
- صفحات من سيرة عمر بن عبد العزيز رضي الله عنه 
288) Price: $29.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Caliphate of Banu Umayyah 
- From Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah 
266) Price: $29.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Digital Prayer Compass & Islamic Clock with 1500 Cities (AQ-1288) 

E52) Price: $44.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

Mosques of the World Calendar 2012 or 2013 

G50) 2013 Price: $10.95 
2012 Price: $6.95
2012 w/o CD: $4.95
Add to Cart  More Information

Collectors Edition with Gregorian & Hijrah Dates

Reward Sticker Pack (236 Stickers) 

CR20b) Price: $5.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Words Builder 
- First Step in English 
C96) Price: $15.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

Sawa Prepaid SIM Card for Saudi Arabia 

E62) On Sale: $9.95 
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Raihal Deluxe Large (Hand Crafted) 

G04a) Price: $19.95 
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Arabic: Mawsu'atul Aa'dab al-Islamiyah (2 Vol. Set) 
- موسوعة الآداب الإسلامية 
A61) Price: $49.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

Arabic: Edatu As-Sabireen
- عِِدَةُ الصابرين وذخيرة الشاكرين 
A57) Price: $14.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

Arabic: Zad-ul-Muslim al-Yomi 
- زاد المسافر اليومي 
A58) Price: $1.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Arabic: Hajj, Umrah waz-Ziyarah 
- الحج والعمرة والزيارة 
A59) Price: $2.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Vietnamese: Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem 
- القرآن الكريم وترجمة معانيه الى اللغة الفيتنامية 
LA11) Price: $29.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
German: Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem 
- القرآن الكريم وترجمة معانيه الى اللغة الألمانية
LA12) Price: $34.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Hausa/Nigerian: Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem 
- القرآن الكريم وترجمة معانيه الى لغة الهوسا
LA13) Price: $29.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Somali: Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem 
- القرآن الكريم وترجمة معانيه الى اللغة الصومالية 
LA14) Price: $24.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Advice to Sisters (CD) 

MQ80) Price: $6.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
A Story of Love, Marriage, Patience and Perseverance (CD) 

MQ81) Price: $6.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
YOU Version 2.0 (4 CD Set) 

MQ82) Price: $22.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

50 Lessons from Surah Yusuf (2 Cds) 

MQ83) Price: $11.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Bayan-ul-Qur'an - English Tafsir (3 Mp3 CDs) 

MC85) Price: $19.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Mushaf Madinah (Green Color) 

Q41) Price: $19.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Kalimat Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem (15-Line) 

Q67) Price: $24.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Spanish: El Mes De Ramadan 'El Ayuno' (DVD) 
- The Month of Ramadan & Fasting 
SM41) Price: $19.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Bayan with Side-by-Side Translation (6x9 HB) 
- تفسير أحسن البيان - اوردو 
U01d) Price: $25.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Fiqhe Kitab-o-Sunnat
- Fiqh According to Quran and Sunnah 
U94) Price: $29.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Oxford Elementary Learner's English-Urdu Dictionary 

UR03b) Price: $16.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Mutarjam Qur'an Azeez 
- ترجمة قرآن عزيز 
UR09) Price: $29.95
On Sale: $24.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Sahih Muslim Shareef (3 Book Set) 

UR14) Price: $69.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: A'ima Arbah (R) 
- الأئمة الأربعة رحمهم الله 
UR15) Price: $6.95 
Add to Cart  More Information
Urdu: Ahkam Hajj, Umrah wa Ziyarat 
- أحكام الحج والعمرة والزيارة 
UR16) Price: $3.50 
Add to Cart  More Information

Ihram Towels for Hajj or Umrah 
- ملابس احرام 
WM05) Price: $27.95 
Add to Cart  More Information

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