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Sunday, 13 February 2011 - 10 Rabi Al-Awwal, 1432

Dear {{{name}}},
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

We hope that you receive this email in the best of health and Iman. We are currently in the blessed month of Rabi ul-Awwal. The best way to commemorate the birth month of the Prophet (S) is to read and learn his life story and practice his way. Thus we have selected several great books on the biography of the Prophet (S). You can see more books in the Biography section. In addition, we have a special 10% discount offer and several new books, DVDs & CDs.

Rabi' ul-Awwal Special:
Get 10% Discount on Any Purchase!

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Offer expires February 28, 2011 / Rabi Al-Awwal 25, 1432

Rabi'ul-Awwal is the most significant month in the Islamic history, because humanity has been blessed in this month by the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Before the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) not only the Arabian peninsula, but also the so-called civilized nations of Rome and Persia were drowned in the darkness of ignorance, superstitions, oppression and unrest. The Holy Prophet (S) came with the eternal truth of Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), the only faith which provides a firm basis for the real concepts of knowledge, equity and peace. It was this faith which delivered humanity from ignorance and superstitions and spread the light of true knowledge all over the world. (Excerpt from

Rabi' ul-Awwal New & Featured

A Mercy to the Universe

231) Price: $19.95
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Atlas on the Prophet's Biography

Places, Nations & Landmarks
181) Price: $19.95
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When the Moon Split New Edition (HB Full Color)
- عندما انشق القمر
069c) Price: $19.95
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Muhammad (S) for the Global Village

238) Price: $19.95
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Prophet of Islam (2 Vols)

202) Price: $35.95
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Life of Prophet Muhammad (S): Lessons & Morals (13 CDs)

MC54) Price: $45.95
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Story of Muhammad (S) in Makkah

C73a) Price: $5.95
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Story of Muhammad (S) in Madinah C73b) $5.95 Add to Cart

The Qur'an DVD #10 Visualization of Quran - Selected Surahs with Video

MD68) Price: $14.95
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Noble Qur'an Arb/Eng with Transliteration in Roman Script
* Now Back in Stock!
Q04) Price: $25.95
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Tajweed Quran with Translation & Transliteration (Persian Script)
* Now Back in Stock!
Q52) Price: $39.95
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End of the World

Limited stock available.
252) Price: $23.95
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Quran DVD #11 with Urdu Translation by Maududi

MD69) Price: $14.95
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Description of Paradise in the Glorious Qur'an

Limited stock available.
251) Price: $23.95
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Spanish:Que es el Islam ? los Quienes son Musulmanes ?
- What is Islam & Who are the Muslims?
S35) Price: $1.95
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Zaky's Adventures - The Earth Has a Fever (DVD)

MD52) Price: $19.95
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Zaky's Soundtrack CD with Booklet

MN07) Price: $19.95
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Adam Father of Humanity
- Amazing Authentic Stories - Book 1

Miswak Altaiba

G102) Price: $1.00

Volume Price as low as $0.75
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20 Favorite Tales from the Quran (Gift Box with 10 Books)

CR15) Price: $18.95
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Goodnight Stories from the Quran

CR16) Price: $17.95
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Bengali: Sahih Al-Bukhari - Vol. 1

LB10) Price: $24.95
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Bengali: Forty Hadith

LB09) Price: $2.95
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Bengali: How to Pray According to Prophet (S)
LB12) Price: $2.95
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Ninety Nine Names of Allah

R100) Price: $2.95
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Most Beautiful Names of Allah with English (Poster) G43) $5.95 Add to Cart

Urdu: Gham Nahe Karaian [Don't be Sad]
* Back in stock!
U83) Price: $16.95
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Previous New Arrival Highlights

Islamic Medicine - The Key to a Better Life

259) Price: $31.95
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Holy Makkah
- Brief History, Geography & Hajj Guide
271) Price: $11.95
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Enlightenment Pack (10 Books)

270) Price: $31.95
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Thulaathiyyaat from Musnad Imam Ahamd bin Hanbal
- ثلاثيات مسند الامام أحمد بن حنبل رحمه الله
H20) Price: $24.95
Add to Cart

Scientific Wonders on the Earth & in Space
- الاعجاز العلمي في الارض والفلك
258) Price: $31.95
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Scientific Miracles in the Oceans & Animals
- الاعجاز العلمي في البحار والحيوانات
257) Price: $27.95
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Bilal Philips - 8 DVD Pack

MD62) Price: $99.95
On Sale: $74.95
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The Qur'an DVD #1 with Urdu Translation

MD64) Price: $14.95
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