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Friday, 13 August 2010 - Ramadan 3, 1431

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh!

Ramadan Mubarak to all! Alhamdulillah, we have just entered this blessed month of Ramadan. We should strive to perfect our fasting and prayers and race to do as many good deeds as we can.. feed the needy, give charity, help break fasts, donate money to help those stricken by disasters like those in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. We should not belittle any good deed no matter how small it is. It is month of 'sale' from Allah in which our good deeds are multiplied 10 times and much more.

In this special month, we have many special offers which you can avail. We have many new CD titles added this month and more to come later. Following that we have our new and featured books and items. Visit our store front page at any time for updated new items. Lastly a list of new Khutbas posted on

Ramadan Special Offers

Noorun Ala-Noor Vol. 1 - Quran Recitations of Famous Qaris (16 Tapes)

UM36a) $34.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $75 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10UM36

Noorun Ala-Noor Vol. 2 - Quran Recitations of Famous Qaris (16 Tapes)

UM36b) $34.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $75 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10UM36

Jewels from The Noble Qur'an (CD)
- Selected Surahs with their English Meanings
MD04) $5.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $50 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10CD

Surah Al-Kahf & Selected Surahs by Mishary Rashid Efasy (CD)
** NEW **
MC80b) $5.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $50 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10CD

Urdu: Telawat wa Tarjumah Quran Majeed (32 Tapes)

UM16) $49.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $100 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10UM16

Quran Recitations by Different Qaris (Tape)
- Select Qari when adding to cart.
MT09) $2.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $25 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10TAPE

Eid/Gift Cards from Holy Madinah

162b) $6.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $50 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10CARDS

Juz Amma & Dua' by Mishary Rashid Efasy (CD)
** NEW **
MC80a) $5.95 Add to Cart

FREE with $50 purchase.
Coupon code: RM10CD

Instructions: Add the desired item to your shopping cart and enter the coupon code on the checkout page. Limit 1 free item per order. Offer expires at end of Ramadan.

August 2010 - New Audio CDs

Zakat Al-Maal - Part 1 (5 CDs)

MH62) $25.95 Add to Cart

Stories Of The Salaf (7 CDs)

MH64) $35.95 Add to Cart

Let Them Grow! (6 CDs)

MH63) $30.95 Add to Cart

Tafseer Surah Al-Kahf (CD)

MQ75) $6.95 Add to Cart

Spiritual Transformation (CD)

MQ79) $6.95 Add to Cart

The Deeds That Lead To Jannah (CD)

ME10) $6.95 Add to Cart

When The Wave Comes (CD)

ME12) $6.95 Add to Cart

Glimpse From The Hijra (CD)

ME15) $6.95 Add to Cart

Sexual Education (CD)

MQ16) $6.95 Add to Cart

Qadar (CD)

MQ21) $6.95 Add to Cart

Value Yourself (CD)

MQ22) $6.95 Add to Cart

Islamization Of Sciences (CD)

MQ23) $6.95 Add to Cart

Tafseer of Surah Asr, Humazah & Fil (CD)

MQ24) $6.95 Add to Cart

Guarding The Heritage Of The Prophets (CD)

MQ25) $6.95 Add to Cart

Ruqiah Healing With The Quran (CD)

MQ77) $6.95 Add to Cart

Sources Of Islamic Knowledge (CD)
MQ78) $6.95 Add to Cart

Anxiety (CD)

MQ76) $6.95 Add to Cart

New & Featured

History of Islam (3 Vols)

110) $52.95 Add to Cart

Arabic: Mawsua'at Fatawa Al-Mughtaribeen (4 Vol)
*** NEW ** Encyclopedia opinions expatriates
A49) $79.00 Add to Cart

Getting the Best out of Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage)

213) $15.95 Add to Cart

Donate Zakat/Sadaqah to the Prison Fund
- The Prison Fund is used to send Islamic books to the incarcerated who can't afford them. We receive many letters asking for free Qurans, Hadith and other Islamic books but are unable to fulfill all their demands.

Digital Quran & Phone (MM-220)

E46) $149.00 Add to Cart

Jami' At-Tirmidhi (6 Vol. Set)

H16) $119.95 Add to Cart

Rolling Frame With 99 Names Of Allah

G92) $13.95 Add to Cart

Zaid ibn Thaabit (R)

223) $12.95 Add to Cart

The Gift of Eid

C47c) $4.50 Add to Cart

The Gift of Ramadan

C47a) $4.50 Add to Cart

The Night of Decree

C47b) $4.50 Add to Cart

Children's Gift & Lessons Series (Set of 10 Books)

C47) $41.95 Add to Cart

Islam The Religion of Peace

229) $2.95 Add to Cart

Door Knob Dua's (Set of 16)

C25) $4.50 Add to Cart

Ihram Towels for Hajj or Umrah
- ملابس احرام
WM05) $23.95 Add to Cart

Ihram Sheets for Hajj or Umrah WM06) $17.95 Add to   Cart

Encyclopedia of Islam for Children

C76) $29.95 Add to Cart

Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle

C78) $15.95 Add to Cart

Quran Challenge Game

CR08) $19.95 Add to Cart

Prayer Cap: Muslim Crown (2 Color)

G08) $5.95 Add to Cart

Urdu: Hisn-ul-Muslim
- Fortress of the Muslim
U42) $2.50 Add to Cart

Welcome to - Islamic Sermons in Mp3!

Latest new khutbas from 8/6 and 8/13 will be added within a few days. Insha-Allah.

English:  Tawaqqul ala Allah - Trust in Allah - This khutba is about the very important subject of tawakal - reliance in Allah. Tawaqal is the belief that nothing can happen in this universe without the leave of Allah.

Urdu: Shaan-e-Risalat - Urdu Khutba regarding the high status of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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