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Saturday, 13 March 2010 - 27 Rabi Al-Awwal, 1431

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah!

We pray that you and your family receive this email in the best of health and Iman.
Alhamdulillah we have received several new Dar-us-Salam books this month. In addition, we have new Baba Salam toys followed by new Arabic CD titles.
Last few days we were having technical problems with the website which have now been resolved. If you have any problems or concerns, please do not reply to this email but instead use the contact us form.

Dar-us-Salam New Arrivals
Golden Rays of Prophethood

Golden Rays of Prophethood

Knowledge of the Prophetic Seerah is incumbent upon every Muslim, whether young or old, male or female. This current book adds to those that have already been published on this great subject. It lays out the Prophetic biography in a clear and concise manner, relying on well-documented and authentic sources. The author paints a narrative of the important events during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad, the patience demonstrated by the Prophet and his Companions through difficult times, without losing their faith in their Lord. These events touch the heart of the reader and draws them in.

Code: 241 - Price: $16.95
By: Abdul Malik Mujahid
Pages: 415 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x23 cm)

Men   And Women Around The Messenger

Men & Women Around The Messenger (S)

The author has chosen one hundred personalities amongst the Companions. He compiled narrations, hadiths and incidences that contributed to the distinction of these individuals who have no similitude in the history of mankind after the Prophets of Allah and His Messengers. Their excellence is further clearly established from the study of these individuals, their attributes and their characters with which they were embellished. For this reason, they were from the best of people ever raised up for mankind.

Code: 243 - Price: $17.95
By: Sa'd Yusuf Abu Aziz
Translator: Suleman Fulani
Pages: 608 - Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x23 cm)

Dictionary of Islamic Names

Dictionary of Islamic Names

Derived from the Qur'an, Ahadith, Seerah and History with Meaning and Pronunciation.
This is a beautiful comprehensive book about Islamic names. It is a must have for every future and present parent to learn the correct injunctions about the new born and selecting the best name for him or her. The book starts with teachings and injunctions about new born followed by rules and principles about giving a good name in the second chapter. Chapter 3 contains Allah's most beautiful Names with the description and reference to where the name is found in Quran/Sunnah. Chapter 4 contains names of the Prophet, his wives, children and other companions. Chapter 5 contains Quranic names followed by general Islamic names in the final chapter.

Code: 244 - Price: $7.95
Compiler: Prof. Hafiz Shaukat Ali Hareeri
Pages: 237- Binding: Hardback - 2 Color Text
Size: 6x9" (15x23 cm)

Tayammum Pad with Dust for Dry Ablution - الصعيد الطيب - تراب للتيمم

This unique new product by Darussalam is an attempt to ease the problem of access to clean dirt when one can't perform full wudu. This 12x10" box contains 1" soft pad filled with dust to be used when water is not available or when one is sick. It is ideal to take it with you on your journey in your car or on an airplane. You can give it to someone who is sick or in the hospital and unable to perform wudu with water.
245) $5.95

Baba Salam 1 with 88 Buttons - New & Improved

A new fun way to help yourself and your kids in memorizing Surahs of the Quran and Dua's (supplications). New addition now includes the complete Arabic alphabets.
C22c) $29.95

Baba Salam 4 with 80 buttons with complete Juz Amma (Part 30)
Includes Adapter & Headset
C54) $44.95

Islamic Studies Grade 9

This is a continuation of the Islamic Education series which covers all areas of Islamic studies: tafseer, hadeeth, tawheed, fiqh, seerah, and general etiquette relating to different areas and situations.

C61i) $19.95
Pages: 219 - Full Color - View Sample
Size: 8.5x11.5" (20x28 cm)

The Silver Dirham - The Power Of Shahadah

It is a historical fact that, in their almost insatiable pursuit of silver, 10th century Viking tribes imported from far-off Central Asia hundreds of thousands of dirhams -- all clearly bearing the essential and eternal message of Islam: the Kalimah al-Shahadah, La illaha illa Allah. As tiny 'messengers of Islam', what effect, if any, did the sublime message emblazoned on their shiny surfaces have on the various peoples who bartered for these coins?

C82) $7.95 - By: Luqman Nagy
Pages: 64 - Full Color - View Sample
Size: 8.5x11.5" (20x28 cm)

The Well Traveled Quran - A Celebration of the Endurance of Kalam Allah

The Noble Qur'an is Kalam Allah (speech of Allah), the eternal message, preserved forever, for all of humanity. Allah's Word was revealed, for the last time, to the final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (S). This story chronicles the nine hundred year long odyssey of a beautiful handwritten Qur'an produced in Cordoba in the 11th century. The plight of the Moriscos, the last Muslims of Al-Andalus, becomes an integral part of the amazing story of the well-traveled Qur'an.

C83) $9.95 - By: Luqman Nagy
Pages: 96 - Full Color - View Sample
Size: 8.5x11.5"(20x28 cm)

Uncle Rifat's Garden - Count Allah's Many Blessings

Beautiful full color book for children with picture on one side and large text on the other side of the page.

C84) $5.95 - By: Luqman Nagy
Pages: 37 - Full Color - View Sample
Size: 7x9.5" (18x24 cm)

Arabian Sinbad (10 DVD Set)

This set includes all nine Arabian Sinbad DVDs with eighteen episodes, plus a Vocabulary Review DVD in a collector's DVD pack. Total of 10 DVDs 25-30 minutes each.
MD60) $139.95 ON SALE! Reg. $150

Baba Salam Alim-ul-Haroof

Talking Baba Salam toy to learn the Arabic alphabets. Just press one of the 28 picture buttons to hear the corresponding alphabet letter. Press the same button again to hear the word shown spelled out in Arabic.
C55) $19.95

Baba Salam Wudu & Salat (Arabic)

Talking Baba Salam toy to learn the correct way to do ablution and prayer in Arabic. Just press one of the 24 picture buttons to hear the description related to the step pictured.
C56) $19.95

Dar-us-Salam Key Chain
- G71) $0.20

Dar-us-Salam Rubber Grip Pen
G69) $0.20

Beautiful Dar-us-Salam rubber grip retractable ballpoint pen available in assorted colors. Fine tip pen with blue ink.

Concept Of Money In Islam (CD)
- MQ73) $6.95

Angels and Jinns (2 CDs) - MQ72) $11.95

Urdu: Fazail-e-Amal
- فضائل الأعمال
New Arabic/Urdu edition based on all Sahih and strong Ahadith of the Prophet (S).
UR05) $19.95

Arabic: Abu-Baker Al-Siddiq (8 CDs)
- ابو بكر الصديق رضي الله عنه
MC87) $22.95

Arabic: Umar bin Al-Khattab (10 CDs)
- عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه
MC89) $24.95

Arabic:Tareekh Al-Quds Wa falasteen (16 CDs)
- تاريخ القدس وفلسطين
MC90) $32.95

Arabic: Qessat Al-nehayah (8CDs)
- قصة النهاية-الموت والاخرة واشراط الساعة
MC91) $22.95

Arabic: Qasas Al-Ambiyaa (15 Cds)
- قصص الانبياء
MC88) $32.95

Last Month's New & Featured

Most Beautiful Names of Allah with English (Poster)

Also with: Urdu Translation

Tajweedi Quran with English & Urdu Rules (Persian Script 16 Line)

Q62) $14.95

+ Tajweedi Quran Deluxe (Persian Script 15 Line)

Qiblah Direction Compass (Black)

G56a) $5.95

Qiblah Direction Compass (Green)
G56b) $5.95

Itr Oil - Islamic Perfume for Men
*** New & On Sale!
13 mL Glass Bottle
G58a) $6.95

Itr Oil - Islamic Perfume for Men (Higher Quality)
G58c) $12.95

Itr Oil - Islamic Perfume for Women ** NEW
G58d) $8.95

Sewak Al-Watni (Teeth Cleaning Stick)

G88) $1.00

Also: Pack of 4 sticks

Urdu: Bayan-ul-Quran Concise (2 Mp3 CDs) - Dr. Israr Ahmad

UM40) $14.95
also on 14 Video DVDs

Practical Dictionary (Urdu To English)

UR01) $19.95
Oxford English Urdu Dictionary
UR03) $29.95

Hamdard Revand Herbal Toothpaste

G73b) $2.95

Hamdard Peelu Toothpaste (Mint)
G73c) $2.95

Door Knob Dua's (Set of 16)
- C25) $4.50

Methodical Interpretation of the Noble Quran

QT28) $16.95

Al-'Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah (2 Vol. Set)
- 242) $29.95

Flash Cards (Arabic-English) - C26) $4.50
NEW Edition with both Arabic Alphabets and selected Numbers on 48 double sided full color glossy cards. Each card is 4.5x3.4"(11.5x8.5 cm).

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Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

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