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We are your source for Authentic Islamic books, Quran, Hadith, audio/mp3 CDs, Video DVDs, Digital Qurans, educational toys, children's books, clothes, gifts & more... all at low prices and great service. Satisfaction Guarantee. We ship internationally through out the world and also do Wholesale. We are still updating the design, let us know what you think!

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The Art of RF (Riba-Free) Islamic Banking and Finance

By: Yahia Abdul-Rahman 
Pages: 506 - Binding: Hardback 
R04) Price: $80.00 On Sale: $34.95 Add Save 

As a result of several recent disclosures and financial catastrophes, skepticism of the interest-based (riba-based) banking system has increased. As an alternative, riba-free (RF) Islamic banking is gaining ground. The Art of RF (Riba-Free) Islamic Read more...

Adam's World (DVD)

MD220) Price: $14.95 Add Save 

From the very first video "Let's Pray" to our recently released video, "Alif for Allah", this is a must have collection for any home, school or mosque with young children. These videos can be a continuing source of creative learning and fun for your family.

Kids will learn the letters of the Arabic alphabet, Islamic teachings about kindness, goodness to elders and parents, they'll "visit" different Muslim countries worldwide with Adam and his trusty transvisualizer in different episodes and they'll learn great songs and stories about different aspects of Islam.


30 Separate Parts of the Qur'an (Uthmani Script)

Pages: 604 - Binding: Paperback - Lether Box 
Q54) Price: Select attribute Add Save 

30 separate juz/parts of the Qur'an with 15 lines per page in Uthmani script and 2 color text. Each mention of Allah's name is in red color. Read more...

Prayer Rug XXL (For 3 People)

G61a) Price: $24.95 Add Save 

Extra large size prayer rug which can easily fit 3 people side by side. Another use for this rug can be to beautify your home/office wall with it's colorful image of the Haram Makkah. Rug is thin & soft with plastic wrap on the bottom side for protection. Read more...

High Quality Prayer Rug with Cut work
 G55) $15.95 

Commentary on Kitab At-Tawheed (2 Vol. Set)
 - القول المفيد في شرح كتاب التوحيد 
By: Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen 
Pages: 1163 - Binding: Hardback 
312) Price: $44.95 Add Save 

This is a monumental commentary on the Kitab At-Tawheed by the late shaikh Muhammad al-Uthaymeen. Singling out Allah The Mighty and Sublime in his Ruboobiyyah (lordship), Uloohiyyah (regarding worship) and His Asmaa Wa-sifaat (names and Attribute Read more...

Yassarnal Quran (DVD)
MD221) Price: $19.95 Add Save 

Yassarnal Quran , Quran Made Easy: Yassarnal Quran is the best tool available on video to learn to read Quran. With an expert Qari, English instructions and the Arabic text, it will guide a student through the Arabic alphabet, to joining letters, w Read more...

A Whisper of Peace (CD)
By: Dawud Wharnsby Ali 
MN01) Price: $11.95 Add Save 

Songs have a powerful influence on the way we think. Sadly, most of the entertainment we find in our culture guides us towards escapism, rather than inspiring us to celebrate Allah's signs and hopefully carry on with life's tests and trials. For thi Read more...

Colors of Islam (CD)
By: Dawud Wharnsby Ali 
MN02) Price: $11.95 Add Save 

Colors of Islam is a beautiful collection of spiritual songs by Canadian artist and educator Dawud Wharnsby Ali, the composer of "A Whisper of Peace". In this, his second recording, listeners will find a mix of songs that celebrate Allah's signs toRead more...

History of Islam (3 Vol. Set)
By: Akbar Shah Najeebabadi 
Pages: 1647 - Binding: Hardback 
110) Price: $59.95 Add Save 

History stands as the most effective and valuable source of putting nation on the course of progress and prosperity and saving them from the path of disgrace and degradation. At a time, when there is tough competition among the nations of the wor Read more...

When the Moon Split New Edition (HB Full Color)
 - عندما انشق القمر 
Pages: 423 - Binding: Hardback 
069c) Price: $19.95 Add Save 

New Revised Edition with full color pictures and Lessons & Morals at end of each section. The biography of the Prophet is a very noble and exalted subject by which Muslims learn about the rise of Islam, and how the Prophet Muhammad (S) was chosen Read more...

Noble Qur'an Arb/Eng (Large HB)
Pages: 868 - Binding: Hardback 
Q42) Price: $25.95 Add Save 

The Noble Quran summarized in one volume by: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali (click on names for biography) Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an with Arabic text in the modern English language. Read more...

Summarized Sahih Al-Bukhari (Medium Size)
By: Imam Bukhari 
Pages: 1096 - Binding: Hardback 
H02c) Price: $17.95 Add Save 

Sahih Al-Bukhari covers almost all aspects of life in providing proper guidance from the messenger of Allah. Translated into English in a very easy & simple language, so that all readers can understand it without difficulty. This summarized Read more...

Imam Shawkani ** ON SALE!
By: Salahuddin Ali Abdul Mawjood 
Pages: 432 - Binding: Hardback 
226) Price: $15.95
On Sale: $11.95 Add Save 

Imam ash-Shawkani (1173H - 1250H), may Allah have mercy upon him, had a modest upbringing upon virtue, good, and righteousness. He was continually well nurtured and treated. He memorized many books of present time at the very early age even before b Read more...

Essential Lessons for Every Muslim
By: Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
Pages: 48 - Binding: Paperback 
118) Price: $4.95 Add Save 

This work is a translation of Shaikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz's book 'Ad-Duroos Al-Muhimmah li-Ammatil-Ummah.' It contains concise lessons that explain the fundamental teachings of Islam. This book covers a wide range of basic information such as the meanRead more...

Uthman bin Affan (R) The Third Caliph of Islam
By: Abdul Basit Ahmad 
Pages: 48 - Binding: Paperback 
140) Price: $4.50 Add Save 

Uthman bin Affan (R) was one of the early men who accepted Islam in Makkah. From the first moment he became a Muslim, he put all his wealth under the service of Islam. He spent most of his resources to satisfy the needs of poor Muslims. Recognizing h Read more...

Qur'an & Modern Science - Compatible or Incompatible?
 - هل هناك تضاد بين القرآن والعلوم العصرية 
By: Zakir Naik 
Pages: 80 - Binding: Paperback 
219) Price: $6.95 Add Save 

Introduction Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has always sought to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth, spanning many centuries and diverse Read more...

Muhammad (S) for the Global Village

By: Dr. Muhammad al-Haashimi al-Haamidi 
Pages: 438 
238) Price: $19.95 Add Save 

This book is not only addressed to political leaders, academics, and university students around the world, it is also addressed to the hundreds of millions of good men and women Muslims and non-Muslims alike in major capitals, cities and rural areasRead more...

Golden Stories of Muslim Women
By: Abdul Malik Mujahid 
Pages: 349 - Binding: Hardback 
313) Price: $31.95 Add Save 

All aspects of woman’s personality that reflect her intelligence, courage, piety, abstinence and chivalry are mentioned in this book. Their study inculcates a new spirit and motivation for betterment among all women and girls. It would also he Read more...

Arabic: Attifl Al-Muslim Coloring Books (Set of 4)
 - الطفل المسلم - كتاب التلوين 
Pages: 24 each - Binding: Paperback 
A42) Price: $16.95 Add Save 

الطفل المسلم - كتاب التلوين This set includes 4 coloring books in Arabic titled 'Attifl Al-Muslim Ma' Kitab At-Talween". Set includes 2 books with dua's and 2 books with pictures of Masajid. The Masajid set has Read more...

Stories of the Prophets (5 Book Set)
 - قصص الأنبياء - Binding:Hardback 
CL17) Price: $59.95 Add Save 

The Story of Adam: This wonderful narration of the life of Adam ('alay-his-salaam) is written in a journey theme. Children are given learning maps and preparations tasks before each chapter. The text of the story has been authored such that the chRead more...

Digital Pen Reader with Large Mushaf in Gift Box with Bag
 - Binding: Hardback 
E50) Price: $129.95
On Sale: $99.95 Add Save 

New Digital Quran Pen with large size Mushaf Uthmani loaded with 9 recitations, 9 translations and many other unique features. One special feature that sets this Quran apart is that it explains Tajweed rules in Arabic for the red colored text in eRead more...

Azan Clock - AAC-1503 with 1500 Cities (Large Size)
E60) Price: $64.95 Add Save 

Auto Islamic Azan Clock with Qibla Direction (QAC/AAC-1501A) - Tall design for Wall or Table. Digital Adhan clock with 1500 Cities Adhan Times and Qibla Direction Finder. Specify the city and current time and it calculates all the prayer time Read more...

Adapter for Azan Clock
E62) Price: $4.95 Add Save 

Travel power adapter with small pin to fit perfectly with any Akzan/Quemex Azan clocks. You can still use batteries along with the adapter and if there are any interruptions it will use batteries until power is restored so that the clock settings a Read more...

9x11" Frame with Assorted Pictures (#12) ** ON SALE!
G38) Price: $6.95
On Sale: $4.95 Add Save 

Beautiful small brown frame with beautiful pictures printed on each. You can choose one or buy the complete set of 14 frames to decorate your walls. They will also make a perfect gift. Select from the following: Set of assorted 5 frames oRead more...

Mosques of the World Calendar 2015
 - Collectors Edition with Gregorian & Hijrah Dates 
G50) Price: $10.95 Add Save 

Beautiful Mosque of the World calendar features 8 Mosques from around the world. Includes a Bonus Quran Recitation Mp3 CD by Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi. This year calendar features: An Islamic Calendar collection of beautiful paintings ofRead more...

Islamic Perpetual Desk Calendar
G51) Price: $6.95 Add Save 

** Revised 2014 Design ** Reprinted due to popular demand. ** This beautiful Islamic Desk Calendar has 31 pages with beneficial supplications and their translations in English & Urdu. It includes Quran/hadith references and states the app Read more...

ISGH Calendar 2015 (1436-1437 Hijri)
G74) Price: $4.95 Add Save 

Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) Calendar 2015- 1436-1437 Hijri. Features: Each month displays a picture of a Masjid Under the picture is a text regarding Muslims' Contributions to Civilization . Hijri/Islamic dates & mention Read more...

The Qur'an DVD with English Translation
MD056) Price: $19.95
On Sale: $15.95 Add Save 

The Qur'an DVD - Look, Listen & Learn the Holy Qur'an. Certified by King Fahad Holy Quran Printing Comples Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah. Features of the Brand New Qur'an DVD: The Entire Holy Qur’an on a single DVD. Recitation of Qur’an Read more...

30 Separate Parts (Persian Script 16 Line)
Pages: 600 - Binding: Paperback 
Q22) Price: $29.95 Add Save 

This 16-line bold script Quran has a comparatively smaller font than the 9-line Quran and only about 20 pages per Juz (each Para individually bound). The 16-line is also great for those memorizing the Quran. 16-Line PB (Click to en Read more...

Student's First Guide to Juz 'Amma (Part 30 with CD)
By: Yahiya Emerick 
Pages: 267 - Binding: Paperback 
QR08) Price: $20.95 Add Save 

Introducing a comprehensive textbook for learning and understanding the 30th and final Juz (part) of the Holy Qur'an. All 37 surahs are introduced with historical information about the revelation of the surah. This is followed by the individual s Read more...

History of Islam 5: Mu'awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan (R)
By: Maulvi Abdul Aziz 
Pages: 119 - Binding: Hardback 
C92e) Price: $19.95 Add Save 

Mu'awiyah ruled for nearly twenty years. During this long reign there was peace and prosperity as a rule at home. Abroad, his rule was equally successful, and extended the boundaries of Islam in all directions. We hope that this book will inspire Read more...

Reclaim your Heart
By: Yasmin Mogahed 
Pages: 168 - Binding: Paperback 
R05) Price: $19.95 Add Save 

Reclaim Your Heart is not just a self-help book. It is a manual about the journey of the heart in and out of the ocean of this life. It is a book about how to keep your heart from sinking to the depths of that ocean, and what to do when it Read more...

Shi'ism Exposed
By: Dr. Abdur Rahman Ad Dimashqiyah, Abdullah Ibn Muhammad As Salafi 
Pages: 143 - Binding: Paperback 
RD03) Price: $20.95 Add Save 

Shi'ism Exposed - A Collection of 3 Books: A Clam Dialogue Between Sunni and Shii'ee by: Dr. Abdur Rahman Ad Dimashqiyah Fundamental Shii'te Beliefs by: Abdullah Ibn Muhammad As Salafi Questions That led Shii'te Youths to the Read more...

Spanish: El Fortalecimiento Del Musulman
 - Fortress of the Muslim 
By: Sa'id bin Ali bin Wahaf Al Qahtani 
Pages: 173 - Binding: Paperback 
S20) Price: $3.95 Add Save 

El Fortalecimiento Del Musulman - A traves del recuerdo de Allah. Invocations from the Qur'an & Sunnah. Translation of Hisnul-Muslim. (aka 'Citadel of the Believer') This is a very beautiful booklet consisting of many authentic Dua's (supplica Read more...

Urdu: Payare Rasool ki Payari Du'aa-en
 - Beloved Prophet's Beloved Prayers 
Pages: 80 - Binding: Paperback 
U54) Price: $1.95 Add Save 

Urdu: Hisn-ul-Muslim (Pocket size)
 U42b) $2.95
Add Save 

Ihram Towels for Hajj or Umrah
 -ملابس احرام 
WM05) Price: $27.95 Add Save 

Two piece large size Ihram/Ahram (for men) of high quality thick and soft towel material (without seams). High quality pilgrims Ihram garments. Package contains 2 soft cotton towels in plastic bag each sheet measuring about 7' 6" x 4' 2" Read more...

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